Save Money, Save Hassle

Why replace your walk-in box when you can restore with Nexxus SaniCoat for half the cost?

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Common Walk-In Box Problems

When the walk-in isn’t working properly it not only costs money, it becomes a hassle and distraction from getting business done.

When Walk-in boxes are reaching the end of life they start showing it with problems like:

  • Ice Forming on walls and ceilings
  • Mold
  • Rust patches on seams
  • Water leaks
  • Higher than normal electric bills
  • Soft or warped flooring
  • Doors struggle to close and seal
  • Health officials not impressed
  • Food spoilage

Don’t Replace your Walk-In Box,
Restore it with Nexxus SaniCoat

Our Custom SaniCoat can quickly restore your walk-in cooler to a “better than new” condition with a coating that is easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Better Than New, Minimal Downtime

The Benefits of Walk-In Box Restoration


Antimicrobial coating is direct-food contact certified by FDA and USDA


Scientifically proven to reduce Listeria and E.coli growth by over 96%


Green is Good. Can Help Lower engery bills by up to 35% and reduce carbon output.

Reduced Food

A correctly functioning cooler will reduce food waste by up to 20%

Case Studies

Done Right,
On Time,
On Budget

Listen to a happy customer express his satisfaction with the Nexxus work in his restored freezer.

Nexxus Sanicoat Pays For Itself

With the reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance bills and long lasting results, you will find the Nexus system actually pays for itself..

  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Business Disruption
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance Coating
  • Designed to Requirements
  • Increases Employee Safety
  • Complete Vapor Barrier
  • Lifetime Product Guarantee
  • Seamless Lining System
  • ASHRAE Compliant


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