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No Leaks, No Worries

In the world of commercial roofing, one size does not fit all. We specialize in applying the correct fluid applied seamless membrane that provides the ultimate long-term solution.

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    Roof Applications

    At Nexxus Coatings Inc we believe each application has a best solution.
    We specialize in the correct fluid applied seamless membrane that best fills the need for the ultimate long-term solution.

    Nexxus Commercial Roof Coatings


    Silicone Coating is excellent for withstanding ponding water, will not degrade from UV Rays, is highly reflective and can come with a limited lifetime product warranty or up to a 50 year labor and material warranty. Silicone comes in a choice of colors. It is on the upper end of the price scale. It may be applied to a properly prepared substrate or directly to spray form for added insulation and integrity. It is an excellent choice in many flat roof situations.


    Polyurea coating is ultra-durable as it is used in many waterproof applications such as potable water, tank linings, truck bed liners and other industrial applications. It will also stand up to heavy foot traffic which makes it an excellent choice in a flat roof application. It will be subject to degradation from UV Rays at an effective rate of 1 Mil per year. We normally apply it at 60-80 Mils nominal average thickness essentially providing a 40 year or longer effective life span. Tan or gray are the more popular colors.


    Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings are a great economical choice as long as there is enough slope to avoid ponding water. Acrylics are very popular for coating metal roofs. As always, proper preparation is important. All seams, penetrations, and screw heads must be sealed or reinforced. Acrylic also offers great reflectivity and great protection over spray foam insulation to protect the foam. Done correctly, it can carry a 7-20 year warranty and will require an occasional maintenance coat to offset the effects of UV.

    Spray Foam

    Roofing spray foam insulation is an excellent substrate to use in conjunction with roof coatings. The benefits are of course, energy savings, and comfort. We normally see approximately 20 degrees F or more temperature difference with as little as 1” of 2.7# roof foam.

    This translates to big dollars in energy savings and a much more comfortable environment.

    Spray foam also offers structural advantages and locks everything together helping to avoid storm damage. We will sometimes build up areas or sculpt the foam for proper positive drainage. By eliminating thermal expansion of the metal it helps keep the fasteners tight as well. Closed Cell spray foam is also water impermeable offering a second line of defense against leaks.

    Spray foam offers excellent adhesion benefits as well also making it a great combination with silicone, Polyurea, or acrylic coatings.

    Better Than New, Minimal Downtime

    Coating Comparison

    Withstands Ponding WaterWithstands
    UV degradation
    SPRAY FOAMModeratePoorWith topcoatExcellent R7
    SILICONEYesNoneLtd. LifetimeVery reflective
    POLYUREAYes1 Mil/Yr10 yr. avail.Some
    ACRYLICNo1 Mil/Yr7-20 yr. availGood Reflect


    There is no better symbol of protection than the roof over your head. You should never have to wonder whether or not it will stand up to the elements to keep your team safe and business running. We provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing this is one less thing to worry about among all your other priorities.

    Of course, we realize what we say about ourselves is much less important than what others say about us. We’re proud to have supported many businesses throughout our community with their roofing needs and are grateful for their feedback.

    The spray foam and acrylic coating added much needed structural integrity to our 30,000 sq. ft. metal roof. In fact, the ambient temperature inside the truss factory was on average 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. My employees are much happier and the roof no longer leaks and it looks great.

    Larry Dix, Owner
    Apex Truss Company

    Nexxus Coatings did a great job. The service was above and beyond what we expected. Crew were courteous and considerate of our trying to do business throughout the process. They kept the area neat and clean — very conscientious. Job was completed in a very timely manner, very professional. We are very happy with what they did.

    Brian Brown
    Managing Partner
    Ellisville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

    The roof looks fantastic. Nexxus located the source of our major leaks which others has failed to do. Nexxus went above and beyond, taking care of all the fine details.

    Kurt Larson, M.D., Owner
    Orthopedic Surgery Center


    Our high-quality materials and factory trained applicators provide peace of mind for a job well done, and that pride in our work is reflected in our best-in-class warranty.



    Let us keep you informed on cutting-edge commercial coating solutions.